Managed Rich-Media Conferencing delivers significant benefits as organisations strive to reduce their costs and increase employee productivity and satisfaction.

Prime has developed this unique reference architecture; the ‘blueprint’, outlining the key stages necessary to implement a managed Voice, Video and Web Conferencing strategy within medium to large organisations.

The Managed Rich-Media Conferencing Blueprint will show you how to:

Deliver high-quality Voice, Video and Web Conferencing
to all employees, customers and partners
Improve employee efficiency, productivity and satisfaction
Significantly reduce costs associated with travel
Improve conferencing security and management
Leverage existing investments in infrastructure
Improve management of conferencing
Implement a corporate conferencing strategy

Business benefits:

Reduced conferencing costs
Quicker deployment of Rich-Media Conferencing
Improved management of conferencing
Reduced deployment, administration and management cost
Increased competitive advantage
Fully managed end-to-end solution delivered and supported by one company for all services
Maximised investment in existing core corporate computing and voice systems
Increased security of corporate conferencing
Provision of an integrated strategy for the corporation

Results on investment:

Reduced costs by decreasing travel spend
Significant cost savings compared to traditional external conferencing bureaus
Increased customer satisfaction through increased staff availability and quicker responses
Raised employee satisfaction through increased quality of life
Enhanced conferencing experience by delivering an integrated
Rich-Media Conferencing solution
Improved employee collaboration through an on-premises integrated conferencing solution