As an IT investment, convergence is unique because of its ability to impact the entire organisation in terms of both cost savings and enhanced business communications. Prime understands and is uniquely positioned to make it happen.

Prime saves you money

By converging existing data, voice, video and storage networks onto a single IP-based network you will lower your total cost of ownership. The economies of scale are truly remarkable.

Save money on equipment, maintenance, network administration and network carrier charges. Prime knows the internet is more than just a new way to sell products and services, it’s a way to efficiently run your business and improve processes.

Prime applications

A converged network enhances your business communications by providing a flexible foundation upon which all types of new applications and services can be deployed – quickly and easily.

This allows Prime to deliver applications that improve mobility, increase productivity and streamline administration. Employees can have access to the same network capabilities regardless of their location, and can focus their efforts on activities that create competitive advantage.

Prime experience

Prime has extensive experience of these fast evolving technologies, and it is that experience that enables us to converge networks which support new services and applications that deliver true value.