Prime’s infrastructure line of business builds the high availability, intelligent networks on which corporate ICT relies. We work with our clients to design, deploy and support bespoke networks that deliver business benefit through facilitating enhanced application performance, increased reliability and the ability to intelligently apply policies based on application criticality.

Prime’s consultant engineers treat every client network as unique. We build on best practice design models from our manufacturer partners to deliver networks that fit our clients’ technical and commercial needs. Extremely reliable, highly functional equipment, coupled with redundant, fault tolerant designs are the key to Prime providing the networks that today’s businesses demand

The latest convergence technologies

The convergence of voice, video, storage and data provides our clients with the scope to improve the way in which they work. Intelligent IP based networks are now able to support IP Telephony, Unified Messaging, IP Contact Centers and IP Video. LAN technology has had to become more intelligent to deliver this enhanced functionality. Prime is the expert on these new technologies and delivers layer 2 to layer 7 application based wire speed switching and routing at speeds from 100Mb to 10GB. Prime LAN solutions provide secure, resilient, performant and flexible solutions that can deliver the quality of service (QOS) required for true converged networks. This is achieved by combining our knowledge of mission critical data networks with the latest product features such as 802.1x for port based access control, 802.1z for rapid network convergence and 802.3ad for multi vendor link aggregation.

Extending the corporate network

As organisations extend their corporate network between disparate locations and in support of mobile and teleworkers, the need to extend the seamless performance, security and reliability of the network has become paramount. Prime works with a number of leading WAN providers to offer managed WAN services that utilise advanced technologies such as MPLS, DWDM and xDSL enabling a guaranteed end-to-end service level to be achieved.

Prime VPN solutions allow enterprises to replace traditional WANs with a new global virtual network that securely extends the edge of the corporate network anywhere in the world by leveraging the global reach of the public Internet. Prime’s VPN solutions encompass an innovative architecture that provides the same security, manageability, operational control and quality of service found in dedicated enterprise-class networks.

Remote access

As enterprises become more global and disparate so does the employees need to access company information from anywhere at anytime. Prime have a number of remote access solutions that address and solve these problems providing enterprise employees with access to the network anytime, anywhere and above all securely.

Wireless networking

Wireless networking is a natural extension to the wired network. Solutions need to be deployed with care, however, to ensure that the flexibilities gained are balanced with an assessment of the security risk. Prime has worked with some of the largest corporations in the UK to design and deploy secure wireless networks that enable converged applications to be safely and securely delivered to the edge of the network.

Risk reduction

For many of our customers, working with Prime will be their first experience of deploying a converged networking solution. Like any new solution, there are unknowns and uncertainties that need to be identified in order to deliver a successful project. Prime’s experts understand how to reduce this risk.

Gaining user acceptance

Our vast experience and knowledge of the corporate network tells us that getting the technology to work is only half the battle. The key success criteria for a converged voice, video and data environment is gaining user acceptance, both during migration and with the resultant solution. It is here that Prime differentiates itself, by understanding and getting to grips with your business processes and user expectations. Working alongside your IT, facilities and business staff, we ensure that the solution gains acceptance.