Prime understands how to design, build and integrate systems with high availability and best of breed reliability. We also understand that those systems are not perfect, blips occur.

We know that downtime can cause loss of business continuity, employee productivity, revenue and customer good will. We also appreciate that as IP networks and infrastructure become more critical to a company’s success, the reliability of the underlying architecture becomes critical. That’s why we have developed PrimeCare.

PrimeCare is a superbly provisioned division of specialists tasked with taking care of the service and maintenance of your ICT infrastructure. We understand what makes multi-vendor systems tick and we provide every resource necessary to keep them ticking.

  • 4 tiered support programmes
  • 24/7, full UK and international coverage
  • Highly motivated, highly trained specialists
  • 98.9% SLA success rate
  • Global partner networks
  • UK wide office network
  • 12 support locations