Prime’s Information Delivery line of business helps to provide quick, easy and secure access to information and applications whilst driving down the costs of deploying and owning complex Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure.

Driving Down Costs and Easing Management

The modern business environment changes quickly and the ICT tools that users depend on need to adapt to these changes in many ways. The increasing pace of commerce and public sector initiatives lays heavy demands on ICT professionals who are expected to reduce costs and innovate at the same time.

Prime’s Information Delivery line of business builds true value by helping to centralise, protect and manage your digital information and applications with storage solutions. Once you have centralised, the Information Delivery line of business enables your users to securely access their key software applications, information and tools needed to do their jobs, from virtually any web browser in world, based on their preferences and their role in your organisation.

By providing secure anyplace, anytime access personalised on a users role, your employees become more efficient and agile to react to your customers needs. Even better news, is that centralising your systems means you can manage and deploy technologies much more quickly and efficiently, freeing you to focus on what matters.