Securing our organisations IT continues to be of the highest priority. While the Internet continues to be a massive commercial and public service benefit, the risks it poses increase and mutate daily.

The Internet Gateway provides our first line of defence against attack, but its primary role is to be our central hub for our mobile workforce, our internal internet users, our customers, our business partners, and our critical business communications services such as email.

Prime has developed this unique reference architecture; a ‘blueprint’, laying out the best-practice technologies and solutions for an Internet Gateway that can face the challenge of Internet security and empower our organisations in Internet use.

The Secure Internet Gateway Blueprint will show how to:

Create a secure, high availability firewall environment
Protect users against the never-ending barrage of SPAM
Enact corporate policy on use of specific Internet services
Enable flexible working with highly secure SSL and IPSEC VPN
Allow remote workers access to corporate email services through existing mobile handsets
Protect your organisation against day-zero email and web borne viruses
Increase your threat response capabilities
Meet demanding legislative requirements for email and Internet usage (instant messaging)
Secure your organisation against the increasing threat of electronic criminals

Business benefits:

Encourages the use of the Internet across an organisation for flexible working and enhanced customer services while mitigating against a wide variety of known and unknown threats
Enhanced mobility and superior effectiveness of all employees through secure, simple deployment of email services to standard low cost ‘Internet’ enabled mobile handsets
Regain control of Internet use in your organisation, improving employee productivity, tuning usage and bandwidth availability to business priorities
Mitigate against the threat from instant messaging, web mail, peer-to-peer applications
Virtual elimination of SPAM, freeing up expensive network and extremely expensive storage resources, as well as releasing employees and IT professionals from the day-to-day cash-drain of SPAM management
Increased adoption of remote working programmes through secure and flexible SSL and IPSEC VPN Services
Active Threat Prevention through proactive Intrusion Prevention Systems, actively reducing the threat to your critical computing resources
Managed Service offerings to reduce internal overhead and compliment existing resource capabilities

Results on investment:

Ability to support highly flexible working environment through secure mobile gateway services (Mobile Email, SSL VPN, IPSEC VPN)
Leverage investment in existing mobile device technology to gain access to corporate email and web resources without need for expensive bespoke email devices
Virtual elimination of unsolicited email SPAM, reducing the overhead of network, processing and storage costs
Virtual elimination of unsolicited email SPAM, removing overhead on employees and IT staff to review and delete unwanted emails
Virtual elimination of email false positives, assisting assuring management flow of business critical emails and removing threat to the business of lost email traffic
Significant employee efficiency savings through controlled access to Internet resources
Mitigation of web borne threats through control of instant messaging and web Mail services
Enhanced compliance attainment and reduced business risk through granular control of all outbound communications (web and Email)
Significantly enhanced security posture through adoption of managed security events and real-time security